About LaFe

We are a full service distributor of a range of over 1,400 products in the categories of grocery, frozen, dairy and beverages. We represent some of the top brands of food products from the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Europe.

Our operations are located in Moonachie, New Jersey; Miami, Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina serving the Eastern United States. Our solid network of sub-distributors and wholesalers augment our direct to retail operation, allowing coverage to the mid-western states and the West Coast.

Our own brand, LaFe, enjoys excellent recall in the grocery trade. We offer you the finest quality frozen vegetables, tropical fruit pulps, frozen entrees, and frozen root crops. We search the Latin American region for the most successful brands and select the most vibrant products for our customers.

Our teams of marketing and sales professionals have extensive knowledge of the general food market and in particular the ethnic specialty food segment. In order to successfully build a market for our brands, consumers must be informed and made aware of the key attributes of our products. We strongly believe that the appropriate support is critical to motivating consumers to look for our products in the grocery stores after placement is achieved.

We view our brand owners as partners and work with them to develop targeted programs for their lines in order to reach the Hispanic and Caribbean market segments. Our marketing team provides guidance on placement and pricing strategies to allow for optimum off take of products in this highly competitive market. Our team carefully analyzes the market for products we represent in order to:

  • Define the best approach to building business for the brands in this market
  • Prepare the appropriate marketing support materials for the line
  • Develop sales support materials that highlight the key selling features
  • Identify outlets in the market area that are best suited to selling the products.

Our sales force is structured to provide the retail customers in each category with personal service so that our product lines receive optimum attention.
We have a team of experienced and aggressive sales representatives and key account managers in New Jersey and in Miami and North Carolina. Our sales professionals have developed a solid relationship with key decision-makers in the trade. These relationships are vital to the success of the brands that we represent.
The team in our chain supermarket department presents new items to the chain buyers and secure listing of products. The chain supermarket account managers call on individual stores in each chain to ensure that our products are being placed in the appropriate store units and properly displayed.
Our team of account managers takes the product lines to the independent supermarkets, neighborhood grocery stores and restaurants according to the fit of the items with the stores. These account managers know their territories and are keenly attentive to the needs of their customers.

As a full service distributor we must ensure that sufficient stocks are available at all times to fill orders for our customers. Guided by sound projections and a keen analysis of the performance of each product in the trade, we maintain sufficient stocks to protect the sales our product lines.
We adhere to a strict policy of filling our customer’s orders within twenty-four hours (unique in the industry) of receipt of such orders by our order entry department. Orders are filled and packed for shipping overnight. Deliveries are dispatched with our fleet of trucks from the central warehouse in New Jersey and from our warehouse in Miami.